Regional Trends and Analyses

Consumer Confidence

We track consumer sentiments towards key aspects of the national and regional economy.

Current Business Conditions

We examine business conditions and economic activity across the 10-county region.

Employment Trends

We monitor and analyze the current employment situation and performance of specific industries across the 10-county region and in comparison to benchmark regions.

Pittsburgh Region Business Investment Scorecard

The scorecard provides a snapshot of business investment activity – including job creation and retention and capital investment – across the 10-county Pittsburgh region. Each year’s scorecard considers the investments that were publicly announced investment during the previous year. It’s an economic indicator of what’s trending and provides insights into how these trends could impact the region’s economy in the future. The scorecard is the only mechanism in place, to date, that aims to capture all announced activity in the region.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Population Estimates (by County)

We monitor and analyze populations changes and trends across the 10-county Pittsburgh region.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Quarterly Vitals Reports

A holistic look at the region’s vital signs during a given quarter. The reports take a deeper dive into topics such as workforce/labor force, business conditions and economic recovery from the pandemic.

Unemployment Dynamics

We monitor and analyze unemployment trends, demographics and dynamics across the 10-county region.